I am an educator with over 10 years experience in different countries. I am one of the co-founders of Dar al Tamkeen Learning Center located in Nairobi, Kenya.

My interest in writing has been there since I was young however, it only revived later in life, I persued to search and enquire from different publishers to share my skills and finally chose to join M.Publishers for their commitment to produce authentic Islamic books and resources worldwide. M.Publishers has helped me realise my potential as an educator and a writer, may Allah (SWT ) reward them for their loyalty and commitment to deliver the best for the Ummah.

Rukiyya Issa

I am a teacher by profession with a Bachelors of Education Defree in Primary Education from University of Dundee in Scotland. My philosopjy as a Muslim, teacher and mum is that teaching needs to begin early in a childs life with fun and stimulating resources. I am working with M.Publisers because their philosophy matches what I believe. Their learning materials are high quality which engage children and they focus on giving children a broad education.

Maryam Manzoor